Hornfly is a travel agent that makes reservations on behalf the customer/traveler with various service providers. When you make a reservation with us, you conclude a reservation agreement with us, which agreement relates to the correct processing of your reservation order between you as customer/traveler and the relevant supplier/airline. In addition, an agreement with the relevant supplier, which agreement relates to the delivery of the reserved service (s). Horn fly itself is not a party to this agreement. The terms and conditions of the service provider (s) concerned to apply to the service (s) reserved by you. These conditions can be obtained directly from the service provider (s) or can be sent on request.


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The general terms and conditions apply to all bookings. Below you can see which general terms and conditions are in your specific case.


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Hornfly endeavors to update as often as possible the content of the website and / or supplement. Despite this care and attention, it is possible that content is incomplete and / or incorrect. In particular, all information on the website subject to typing and programming errors. No liability is accepted for the consequences of such errors.


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In case of a transfer between two airports in the same place (inter-airport transfer), the traveler is at all times responsible for the mode of transport between these airports. The costs involved are not reimbursed by the airline. In addition, the traveler is responsible for the timely check-in and boarding of the follow-up flight, this also applies to your luggage. When determining the minimum transfer time in the timetable, airlines naturally take into account an average transfer time that is deemed necessary. In doing so, they take into account general factors that may affect your transfer, this applies to both passengers and luggage.

If you decide to book multiple individual tickets, and the flights close due to a change no longer, then you are responsible for changing and/or canceling the relevant reservations. You are also liable for any associated change and/or cancellation costs.

It is not allowed to use only the return journey of a return ticket. If you do not use your outward journey, the airline will cancel the return journey automatically. You must always travel in the order of the flights as they are reserved. So, you can never board halfway at an airport where you make a switch.

* Low-cost carrier:
Aer Lingus, Air Arabia, AirAsia, Air Baltic, airberlin, ArkeFly, Corendon, Easyjet, Eurolot, Fireflyz, Flybe, Flyscoot, Germanwings, Iberia Express, JetAirFly, Jetstar, Norwegian Airlines, Onur Air, Pegasus, Ryanair, Smartwings, Thomas Cook Airlines, Thomson, Tiger Airways, Transavia, Tui Fly, Vueling, Wow Air, Wizz Air Hungary Airlines.